Jace Beauty Gift Card
Jace Beauty Gift Card


Give the gift of beauty! Give your loved one the best of the best! Purchase the gift card for whatever amount you choose! Perfect for last minute shoppers!

Once you have purchased your gift card, the system will email you a code that you can either use for yourself or you can give to a friend.

From time to time we have seen this automatic email get filtered out by popular email services like Gmail or Yahoo. Please check all of your spam folders first to see if you have received your email. If you have not received it, please email us and we will gladly resend it to you.

>If you are going to use the gift card for yourself
When you first receive your gift certificate code, the code will not be activated. You must activate it by either A) going to your account dashboard, clicking on "Apply a gift certificate to your account" or B) using it at the checkout page during your order.

>If you are going to give the gift card to a friend
Just simply email them the code and from there they can follow the activation instructions as outlined above. Please note: Gift codes can only be given once.