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Frequently Asked Questions

Length Ranges:

When you order, for example, 18-20" hair, you will receive hair bundles that are 18", 19", or 20". We suggest you make sure you order from the correct length range, so you are not disappointed.

For example, if you want 20" hair; don't order 18-20", and hope for 20". Order 20-22", and make sure you receive the length you need or longer. Each bundle is thick from root to tip.

How Many Bundles Should I Order?

For lengths between 12-16", you should order 2 bundles. (For example, 12-14", 14-16")

For lengths between 16-22", you should order 3 bundles. (For example, 14-16", 16-18", 18-20" or 16-18", 18-20", 20-22")

For lengths above 22", you can order 3 or 3+ bundles. (For example, 18-20", 20-22", 20-22" or 18-20", 20-22", 23-26")

What Does 'Wavy/Curly' Mean?

Great Question! This means that there is a wide range of patterns in this category. Patterns range from soft wave, medium wave, soft wave with a ringlet curl on the ends, to a loose curl. Please be prepared to receive any of these patterns in your wavy/curly order.

Coarse Hair Considerations:

If you are planning on purchasing very coarse straight, or very coarse curly, please understand that the more coarse the hair is; the more prone to damage it can be. Coarse hair is fragile hair. It requires moisture and TLC. The ends can break under heat or manipulation more easily than softer hair will. The lifespan of coarse hair will be shorter than the lifespan of softer hair. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

***Huge Consideration*** Please know that the more coarse the hair is the more it will react to the elements (weather). If you do not like poofy, frizzy, natural looking coarse hair, you should not purchase any 'very coarse' texture. Most women who like this texture, purchase it because they are natural (unrelaxed), and want a hair type that will blend and react similarly to how their natural hair reacts to the elements (heat, humidity, rain, etc).

What Type Of Closure Works Well With The Jace Beauty Hair?

Currently, we do not sell closure, or frontals.

Since every bundle is different, and there are a wide variety of coarseness levels and patterns, we suggest waiting until you receive your order from us; then match up your closure. This will help to select the correct texture, pattern and color of closure that suits your Jace Beauty hair the best.


We offer a custom crafted product. Each bundle is blended by hand, then wefted. This takes time. Considering, the volume of orders currently in que, orders require a delivery time frame of approximately 5-6 weeks. Most orders are being shipped out right at the 6 week mark.

Color Range:

  • Natural Straight: Usually Off Black to Medium Brown
  • Natural Wavy/Curly: Usually Light Medium Brown to Dark Mahogany Brown/Off Black. Much of the wavy/curly hair comes in color #1B-#4 (Soft brown)
  • You are not guaranteed to get the same color running throughout your order (although we try very hard!!). Please be prepared to dye the bundles to your desired color preference, if necessary.

Can I Request My Color Preference?

Please remember that this is virgin hair and color cannot be guaranteed. Please be prepared to dye the hair as there may not always be your preferred color available.

The hair can be colored with professional permanent, semi-permanent and cellophane coloring products. Remember, the darker the hair is, the more effort that may be required to lift the color.

Can I Mix Textures?

Yes, however, this can be done carefully and purposefully. For example, when buying straight hair, a customer may want a bundle of very coarse on top for blending; and a medium coarse bundle on the bottom to reduce the volume of the overall install. (In case the customer does not like 'big hair'). Another client might select a 'slight coarse' wavy/curly bundle on top for blending, and get the rest of the bundles in 'satin soft'. Same concept.

Specific Texture/pattern Requests:

As this is a natural product, there are slight variances from bundle to bundle. Some bundles have more waves/curls- other bundles have less. If you are looking for a very specific pattern, we would be happy to discuss your needs with you, but cannot guarantee any exact matches.

Bundle Weight:

Bundles come in approximately 3.5+oz bundles.

Because we have our own wefting department, we can customize the weight of your bundles based on your needs. Please contact us for custom orders. We will continue to offer custom orders for as long as we can. However, we reserve the right to discontinue offering this service at any time. Please note: the heavier the bundle weight, the higher the price will be.

Wholesale Orders - Do you do this anymore?

We discontinued our wholesale program in 2011. We may restart this program at a later date. If we do so, it will be posted on the website.

Do You Sell Unwefted Hair?

Yes, we do. The cost of an unwefted bundle is $15 off the regular price. If you want just a few ounces to have a closure or frontal custom made; or if you are a ventilator/wigmaker, please contact us with your specific requirements at: [email protected].

Can I pick up my order if I am in the Atlanta area?

We are sorry. All orders are shipped out directly to the customer who placed the order.

How is Russian Fede Hair different than Indian hair?

Russian Fede hair is PHENOMENAL! It performs so much better than Indian hair. The hair strand of the Russian hair is thicker than that of Indian hair. It is stronger, more resilient, and holds a curl extremely well. The texture comes in a natural coarse, and a natural silky. The natural coarse is perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair. The silky works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair.

The diameter of the hair strand itself is wider than that of Indian hair, so it is more resistant to heat damage and holds up better over time. Also, the hair is thicker from root to tip. No more straggly broken, split ends that are so common with Indian hair.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically treated. There are no permanent/semi-permanent colors, perms, or relaxers used to alter the color, texture or curl pattern of the hair. To prevent tangling, all the hairs are kept with the cuticles lying in the same direction.

Bulk or Machine Weft?

Bulk hair is used for braiding and individual strand extension methods; or if you want to get the hair wefted on your own. Machine weft is used for weaving. We have our own in-house wefting department and our wefts are small, tight, strong and durable.

If you require bulk hair, please contact us for pricing.

How is hair handled prior to arriving at my door?

Before hair is distributed to our clients it is inspected, cleaned and/or conditioned. We insure quality hair is delivered with every order. This hair can last at least a year or longer if cared for properly. A professional cosmetologist is recommended for proper care and styling of virgin hair.

Jace Care Tips

Should I seal my wefts?

Great quality virgin hair can last for years and years. However, wefts may need a little extra support sometimes to withstand the combing, brushing, sewing needle punctures, etc. that can occur over time. If you choose to seal your wefts, some of our customers like a weft sealer that can be purchased from We are not affiliated with this company in any way; nor can we validate the safety of using this product. Please read the list of ingredients in the product and proceed at your own risk.

What products do I use?

We recommend using Infusium Moisturlogie Shampoo and Conditioner (not leave-in); or Pantene Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Use them separately, not a shampoo and conditioner combined in one bottle. We also caution that a leave-in conditioner used for a few days will create build-up leaving the hair heavy and sticky. Infusium is available at Target, Walmart, and local drug stores.

Some customers use the same natural and botanical products that they use on their own hair. You may do this; however, it really is not necessary. You can use any shampoo and conditioner you would like; but we love the way the Infusium and Pantene make the hair perform.

You should wash your hair in the shower with soft down ward strokes. Do not rustle the hair in a ball or bunch the hair all together while washing. This is will result in tangles. Try to follow the direction that your hair is sewn in.

To further define the curl pattern of wavy/curly hair, we recommend using Suave Extra Hold mousse (Level 7). This will define the curl and remain soft, not hard or crunchy. You may also use Vigorol Olive Oil mousse which will add shine and some definition.

How often do I shampoo?

At least once a week- Twice a week is great!

How do I dry the hair?

To achieve the best results and bouncy curls, let the hair AIR DRY. If you are in a rush, use a blow dryer with a diffuser on the end. If you try to blow dry wavy/curly hair without a diffuser, it will have a straightening effect on the wavy/curly hair.

How do I straighten my curly or wavy hair?

After washing and conditioning, apply a small amount of shine serum (Chi Silk Infusion, or Biosilk - also available at Target and Walmart) then blow dry the hair (without a diffuser), and using a vent brush to straighten as you go. Afterwards, curl or flat iron for your desired style. For hold, you can use Sebastian Shapers to give the hair shape without damaging the hair like spritz which will make the hair hard, dry and break the hair strand.

Can I color the hair?

Absolutely. You can use permanent color, semi-permanent color, and rinses on the hair just as you would your natural hair. Please note: Repetitive coloring, or perming will damage virgin/remy hair just as it would your own.

Can I swim in the hair?

Yes. We recommend wearing a swim cap whenever you go swimming. The chlorine/salt will make the hair dry and brittle, just as it does our own hair. Even using a swim cap does not completely keep the chlorinated/salt water out. You should always plan on washing your hair after swimming.