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Ladies, the curly pattern in the Russian Fede hair is VERY RARE!! Out of every 100 raw ponytails, usually only 5-7 of them are curly! Therefore, we are only able to sell curly hair in our **SPECIAL CURLY RELEASE SALES EVENTS**. What we do is gather curly hair out of each shipment, and then set a date and time for a Curly Release Sale. We are unable to have a waiting list; or accept payment upfront for the curly. Once we set a date and time for the online sale- then, customers can purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

We conduct the Special Curly Release Sales Events right here on our website. SIGN UP ON OUR EMAIL LIST (front page of website), and LIKE US ON FACEBOOK, or FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to stay informed on all special sales events!