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Attention All Curly Hair Seekers!!!

Ladies, the curly pattern in the Russian Fede hair is Very Rare!! Out of every 100 raw ponytails, usually only 4-5 of them are curly! Therefore, we are only able to sell curly hair in our ** MONTHLY RARE CURLY RAFFLES **. What we do is gather curly hair out of each shipment, and then raffle off an entire install (2-3 bundles) of curly hair at the end of each month. This is not a give-away & we do not raise the prices on the curly. It is sold at the same price as the wavy/curly hair. This is a fun way to share the beauty of the Russian curly hair; since it is too rare to supply all of the customers that may want it.

We conduct the monthly rare curly raffles on our Facebook page at! To stay informed about all of our special events, join our mailing list on the bottom of this page.